Extended Day

The Regis School of the Sacred Heart offers extended day programs for the convenience of parents and the benefit of students. Students may arrive on campus as early as 7:00 a.m. and remain until as late as 6:00 p.m. each school day.

Morning Extended Day

Morning Extended Day is a drop-in program, no pre-registration or appointment is required. You will be billed monthly for this service.

Regis faculty members supervise students during Morning Extended Day time.

Days: Monday – Friday during school year
Time: 7:00 to 7:30 a.m.
Cost: $5.00 per morning
Information: 713-682-8383

Afternoon Extended Day

Afternoon extended care program at Regis is coordinated through Kidventure’s Finale After School Program. Pre-registration is required for all students. Payment will be required only if program is used.

The Kidventure Finale Program offers a variety of activities such as homework assistance and program themes, which encourage adventure, discovery, outdoor play, and fun.

Days: Regular school days during school year. Afternoon extended day is not offered on scheduled half days.
Time: 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Cost: Varies
Information/Registration: kidventure.com

After School


The Regis School provides its students with opportunities to explore interests, be part of a team, play, serve, and challenge themselves. Regis offers the following co-curricular activities to encourage well-rounded scholars and gentlemen.

2017-2018 Opportunities


At Regis, physical fitness and learning to work together as a team are important elements in the development of boys. After school athletics are offered to all 4 Pre-K through eighth grade students. Parent-coached soccer, basketball, and baseball competitive teams are offered for 4 Pre-K through fourth grade students. Middle school sports are coached by Regis physical education staff. Students may try out for spots on the Junior Varsity or Varsity soccer, basketball and rugby teams.

REGISTER FOR 4PK-FOURTH: Online Registration
QUESTIONS: Contact Coach Holub at gholub@theregisschool.org


Information coming soon!

Ages: 3PreK-Kinder
Class Dates: Spring Only

Chess League

Regis has partnered with IDEA Lab Kids to provide Regis with a unique Chess Academy curriculum, created by Chess Master Yuvraj Dhungana, where emphasis is on FUN as well as mastering the techniques. After an initial assessment, students will start to learn the basics or enhance their skills in a fun and easy going setting. Chess experience is not required. ALL students will receive Team T-shirts and Advancement Patches. Students will also attend several tournaments throughout the year to keep students engaged.

Grades: 1-8
When: Tuesdays (3:30–4:30pm)
Location: Library
Instructor: IDEA Lab Kids
Class Dates: Fall starts - 8/22, Spring starts- 1/9
Amount: $325 Fall, $375 Spring
Registration:IDEA Lab Kids


Grades: 3-8
When: Wednesdays (7:00-7:55am)
Instructor: Ms. Tara Carnes
Class Dates: Each Wednesday unless otherwise instructed
Location: LS Music Room, Milestones
Total Amount: Free
Student Capacity: 25
Registration: Online Form
Questions: Contact Ms. Tara Carnes at tcarnes@theregisschool.org


Information coming soon!

Ages: 3PreK-Kinder
Class Dates: Spring Only

Cub Scouts

First through fourth grade students can look forward to great adventures while participating in fun activities in the Regis-sponsored Cub Scouts Pack 37. Being a Cub Scout means joining a worldwide youth movement that stands for time-honored Scouting values. As Cub Scouts, our students promise to always do their best and help others.

Grades: 1-4
Den Leaders: Tammy Fountain, Jessica Hinkie, and Christian Hinkie
When: 1st Thursday of every month (3:30 – 5:00pm)
Class Date: 8/21/17-5/10/18
Total Amount: BSA, Mustang District Dues
Location: Library and Milestones Classrooms
Student Capacity: No limit
Registration: Email Tammy Fountain, Jessica Hinkie, or Christian Hinkie with questions and to enroll.


Fifth through eighth grade students plan, prepare, and present a spectacular hands-on math- and science-learning event for Regis families. The boys participate in all aspects of the event: planning, preparation, presentation, and clean up. During the event, the boys ensure that the experience is fun and meaningful for all.

Grades: 5-8 (through MS Science)
Instructors: MS Science Teachers
When: Late Spring 2017
Class Date: TBD by Instuctors
Total Amount: Free
Location: Student Life Center
Student Capacity: No limit
Questions: Contact Elizabeth Phillips, Elisha Aguirre, or Donna Piga


Simple Circuits and Laws of Movement, maker movement is here! IDEA Lab classes are based on Engineering Design Process and allow students to utilize their critical-thinking skills to problem solve and come up with ideas and designs for various engineering challenges.

With the aid of IDEA Lab Maker Books, students design and create a series of projects from working models of flashlight to room alarms, while learning how circuits and electricity function. Throughout the course, students will use a variety of materials to explore circuit construction. For the second part of the semester, students will explore the laws of motion to create contraptions and utilize the engineering principles as well as the engineering design process. A truly design based engineering class for the young engineers.

Ages: 1st – 2nd Grade
When: Mondays, 3:15pm – 4:15pm
Location: MakerSpace Lab
Instructor: IDEA Lab Kids
Class Dates: Fall starts 8/22/17
Amount: $295
Registration: IDEA Lab Kids


Movie Production and Website Design. Discover how movies are made, while creating your own short film. Editing and special effects techniques are explored as students develop a story idea, and then turn that concept into a script and a shot-by-shot storyboard of the camera angles. Students will write, storyboard, shoot and act in their own movie as well as create their own movie trailers, posters and advertising campaigns.

The second part of the semester will work on the website and blog for the movie as well as the advertising campaigns.

Ages: 3rd – 4th Grade; 5th – 8th Grade (separated in to LS & MS Groups)
When: Thursdays, 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Location: MakerSpace Lab
Instructor: IDEA Lab Kids
Class Dates: Fall starts 8/22/17
Amount: $305
Registration: IDEA Lab Kids

Robotics League

Each age group will use a combination of various Robotics applications and programs, including LEGO Robotics, VEX Robotics, Sphero and several other age appropriate Robotics programs and kits to engage in learning all about LEGO Engineering, Robotics, Programming and most importantly team building. ROBO Leaguers will learn to design and build Robots, participate in mini challenges throughout the course of the season and earn advancement patches as they progress through the season. Several optional tournaments will take place during the season. Even our youngest team members use drag and drop programming to make their robotic creations come to life!”

Team T-shirt | Advancement Patches | Multiple Tournaments

Ages: Kinder – 1st, 2nd – 4th, 5th – 8th
When: Wednesdays, 3:15pm – 4:30pm
Location: MakerSpace Lab
Instructor: IDEA Lab Kids
Class Dates: Fall starts 8/22, Spring starts 1/9
Amount: $355 Fall, $425 Spring
Registration: IDEA Lab Kids

Spanish for Spanish Speakers

This course's goal is to enable students whose heritage language is Spanish to develop, maintain, and enhance proficiency in their heritage language by reinforcing and acquiring skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Grades: Kinder – 4th
Instructor: Karina Cepeda
Dates: Tuesdays, 3:15 – 4:15 through Dec. 12th.
Location: Milestones' STEM Room
Amount: $210/Fall–make check payable to “The Regis School”
Registration: Online Form
Questions: Contact Ms. Cepeda at kcepeda@theregisschool.org

Student Council

Middle school students may participate in Student Council in order to understand the process of governance and to hone leadership skills. At the beginning of the school year, each homeroom elects a representative. The middle school student body elects officers from seventh and eighth grade candidates the previous spring. This allows the officers to attend a leadership camp during the summer. Student Council meets outside of class time, often during lunch, to organize social events and service and social awareness opportunities. The Student Council is mentored by middle school teachers.


Information coming soon!

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