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Board of Trustees

Affording Regis

The role of the Regis Board of Trustees is to ensure that the school is well managed, that adequate resources are available and that collaborative relations are maintained with all constituencies.
The work of the Trustees begins with fiduciary expectations of duty (due diligence on financials), care (executing decisions by the standard of a prudent person) and obedience (to laws and to the school’s by-laws). The focus of the Regis Board is strategic, long-term planning. A Trustee’s role is governance and leadership, not management.  

A Regis Trustee is expected to: 

The Board is not involved in the operations of the school including curriculum, faculty or other day-to-day decisions. Any questions received regarding operational issues should be redirected to the Head of School.

2024-25 Regis Board of Trustees

Stephen Chen

Advancement and Development Committee

Mimi Foerster

Board Secretary
Chair, Finance Committee
Trustees/Nominations Committee

J.W. Lodge

Board Vice-Chair
Facilities Master Planning Committee
Trustees/Nominations Committee

Kendall Miller

Advancement and Development Committee
Facilities Master Planning