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Head of School

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Welcome to Regis, where we’ve been educating scholars and gentlemen for 30 years!

I invite you to look through our website and come visit us on campus. As you walk the halls at Regis, you will encounter a unique and vibrant sense of community and excitement for learning. There are two key drivers that make up Regis’ “secret sauce:” our heritage as a Sacred Heart school and our specific mission to educate boys. 

As a Sacred Heart school, we share our key values with a network of 24 other schools in the United States and over 150 schools in over 41 countries around the world. While we enjoy a very strong community at 7330 Westview, we are the beneficiaries of a worldwide community rooted in the Goals and Criteria of the Society of the Sacred Heart. Specifically, we commit ourselves to educate to an active faith in God, a deep respect for intellectual values, a social awareness which impels to action, the building of community as a Christian value, and personal growth within an atmosphere of wise freedom. In my mind, there is no better blueprint for educating today’s children for the world they’ll inherit and lead.

Equally important is our commitment to preparing boys to become scholars and gentlemen. It is well documented that boys learn differently from girls, and at Regis, we believe they deserve to learn in an environment that plays to their strengths as learners and provides appropriate support to address boy-specific learning needs. Importantly, we see all-boy education as a progression. It begins with an environment that is nurturing and warm and culminates in our preparing boys to become men. Strong support and role modeling from a talented faculty and staff, a unique perspective on learning that is tailored to boys on a path to manhood, and a rigorous and relevant curriculum are all part of The Regis Experience. A carefully curated blend of nurturing and support with discipline, structure, and challenge equips our boys not only for high school, but for life. 

We hope you’ll come visit and learn more about us. I guarantee you that you’ll experience the Regis difference when you meet some of our Scholars and Gentlemen. 


Steven R. Turner, Jr. 
Head of School

More About Mr. Steven Turner, Jr.

Mr. Turner began his journey in education in 2002 upon his graduation summa cum laude from Duke University with degrees in classical languages and classical studies. He taught Latin and archaeology for six years at Stratford Academy in Macon, Georgia, earning a master’s degree in Latin from the University of Georgia during his time there before returning to his native metropolitan area of New York City. He continued teaching Latin at New York’s Dalton School before moving into his first administrative role at the Convent of the Sacred Heart on 91st Street. During his time at 91st Street, he completed a second master’s degree in educational leadership, management, and policy from Seton Hall University. 

After two wonderful years at 91st Street, Mr. Turner and his family moved to Kansas City, where he took on the role of Associate Head of School for Curriculum and Instruction at Notre Dame de Sion School, a Catholic, PreK-12 school on two campuses. After three years in Kansas City, the South called again, and Mr. Turner headed to Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School where he served as Associate Head of School for six years. During this time, he completed the prestigious Fellowship for Aspiring Heads sponsored by the National Association of Independent Schools and worked towards an executive certificate in nonprofit management at the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University. 

Mr. Turner brings to Regis a broad background in education, having worked at schools that are religious and secular, as well as co-ed and single-gender. Perhaps uniquely, Mr. Turner can claim that Regis is not his first independent school, nor his first independent Catholic school, nor his first independent single-gender Catholic school. Additionally, Regis is not Mr. Turner’s first Sacred Heart school. It is not even his first school called “Regis;” Mr. Turner is a graduate of Regis High School, an all-scholarship Jesuit high school in New York City. 

Mr. Turner is married to his wife Yvette, a former French teacher, and they are the parents of three boys, all of whom are Regis students. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, playing and listening to music, and trips to the beach.