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Announcing Regis' 4th Head of School

Turner Announcement

The following is a letter to the community from the Regis Board of Directors announcing the appointment of Regis' new Head of School, effective July 1, 2022.

Dear Regis Community,

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Steven R. Turner, Jr., has agreed to a three-year contract with Regis to succeed Dennis Phillips and become the school’s fourth Head of School on July 1, 2022.
Regis and Mr. Turner will closely work together in the coming months to establish a smooth transition.

Mr. Turner currently serves as the Associate Head of School at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School in Atlanta, Georgia. His first role as an administrator was at the Convent of the Sacred Heart - 91st Street in New York City, where he first became acquainted with the Sacred Heart Network. A veteran educator with experience working at five very different schools in three different states, Mr. Turner earned his undergraduate degree at Duke University and holds masters’ degrees from the University of Georgia and Seton Hall University. He and his wife Yvette have three future Regis students—Hudson (10), Lincoln (6), and Winston (4).

Since Mr. Phillips’s announcement, the Board and the Search Committee assured the community that it would not just hear, but listen, to its constituent groups about what Regis does well, where it faces challenges, and what kind of leader is needed for its future. Based on that promise, we held multiple meetings last Spring, conducted detailed surveys, and searched for candidates who meet the school’s particularized needs. It is also why we brought each finalist to the campus, so everyone would have an opportunity to meet, evaluate, and provide important feedback to us.

Mr. Turner loved what he saw at Regis, and based on your feedback, he has the support of our community. We believe he is well suited for this challenging position, and we are excited for the school’s future, and I believe you are, as well. He wanted me to send you the following message:

Yvette and I were so struck by the warmth and energy of the Regis community. "Community" is a term we use a lot when we talk about schools, but it is not always the case that it can be felt or witnessed as palpably as I experienced it during my visit; it is clear that Goal 4 is alive and well, and that Regis is a very special place. My family and I look forward to experiencing all Regis and Houston have to offer, and I am excited and honored to serve as your next Head of School. Go Knights!"

Steven R. Turner, Jr.

I cannot send such an announcement without acknowledging the amazing accomplishments of Mr. Phillips. When he arrived at Regis, the school suffered from many internal and external challenges, including a large debt from previous campus improvements. Over the years, he kept our focus on the school’s mission. He fully integrated the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria into everything Regis does. He updated the curriculum, retired the debt in full, hired a top-notch faculty and administrative team, and served as a spiritual leader for the community during several challenging events. He never lost sight of Regis’ duty to the boys to provide them with a well-rounded academic, religious, and physical education. Each graduating Regis student is prepared to succeed in high school. More importantly, they have the tools needed to succeed in life. Mr. Phillips has the Board’s heartfelt appreciation for his tireless efforts and significant achievements, and I would encourage each of you during the coming months to thank him, as well, for a job more than well done.Finally, I would like to thank those of you who participated in this process. Your feedback provided invaluable assistance and demonstrated that we are a team who cares deeply about Regis and its future.

Ed Sullivan
Regis Board Chair
Regis Head of School Search Chair