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First Day of School Jitters

For the first time in many years the First Day of School will have a different vibe in my house. Over the past 15 years my two children have put on their school uniforms, and my wife and I have taken their picture before heading off to school.

As we ask them to stand together and smile, I've always noticed a case of the jitters in their eyes. The look is hard to detect but it has the ingredients of nervousness, excitement, fear, joy, dread, and curiosity. The look is familiar to me, because I remember it on my own face as I stood together with my siblings before we walked to school, from our north side home in Chicago.

The first day of school is a rite of passage for all of us and the best advice we can give our kids is embrace the jitters. If the jitters overtake us like they sometimes do there are things we can do to live with the jitters.

First, make sure you have everything ready. Pack your bag and leave it by the front door the night before. Second, give yourself extra time so you arrive at school with time to spare. Go to bed early. Although I was never able to sleep the night before the first day. Third, get some exercise when you get up. Go outside in your backyard and chase the dog or climb a tree. Fourth, dress for success with your Regis uniform clean and bright. Finally, hug your mom, or sister, or brother, dad, or dog. Squeezing someone you love always smooths the jitters.

This year my daughter is heading off to college so her jitters will be my jitters. The photo will have a suitcase instead of a backpack, and her uniform will be buried underneath her bed with her high school books.

The first day of school feelings never leave us whether we're parents, grandparents, teachers, or coaches. There is great potential and constant hopefulness in a new start. I wish every Regis boy a great start as we cross a new frontier like St. Philippine Duchesne. Over 200 years ago Philippine courageously brought Sacred Heart education to America. Now it's our turn to cross a new frontier, even if we have the jitters! Good Luck Boys!