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Guest Blog Post – Demystifying the Admissions Process

Throughout this school year, we will feature guest bloggers to share different perspectives on or experiences with boys education on our Head of School blog. Our next guest blogger is Beth Schneider, Regis Director of Admissions, who writes about the admissions process and how Regis selects new Knights each school year.

Admissions Welcome Wednesday Tour, September 2018.

People often ask how we decide who should be a Regis Knight. Is admission based on IQ scores, family connections, student personality or teacher recommendations? The approach to admission to The Regis School is multi-tiered, meaning that we are looking at prospective students to try to best determine if the student is a fit academically and if he would be a good addition to the grade. In other words, would adding this boy benefit him as well as the rest of the students in that grade?

Admissions is not a perfect science. We do our best to make decisions based on the puzzle pieces of information we have on each student. An admissions committee made up of teachers and administrators closely reviews teacher recommendations, test scores, interaction with the student during his visit and his interactions with peers during the visit. Each of those components are like puzzle pieces that we're trying to fit together to give us a full picture of each applicant.

What really helps solve the puzzle is when current or former Regis families take the time to recommend a student and explain their relationship with the boy and/or his family. It's a great way to give us a little more information to go on, and we really appreciate it when our families take the time to do this.

We want all boys to have the opportunity to live The Regis Experience, but we know that it might not be the best fit for everyone for a variety of reasons. When we encounter that scenario, we explain to the family that our desire is for every boy to be successful in every way and for him to flourish academically, spiritually and socially. It isn't easy to say no when families have visited and fallen in love with the Sacred Heart Goals paired with a boy-centered curriculum.

Last year, we accepted 58 new students, 78% of whom enrolled. 26% of our applicants were not accepted. We are currently in the peak of the admissions season for the 2019-20 school year and working hard to determine "fit" for each of our applicants. Thank you to all who have referred families to Regis. Rest assured that we will do our best to ensure a positive experience for all who tour and/or apply!

Bio: This is Beth's 5th year at Regis as Director of Admissions. Prior to her return to Houston, she served for 11 years as the Director of Development and Early Childhood at St. Mark School in Vienna, Virginia. Beth earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism/Public Relations from Abilene Christian University and credits her first job in Customer Relations for Exxon, shortly after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, for giving her practical customer service skills. Her favorite part of working at Regis is meeting new families and introducing them to The Regis Experience.