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Guest Blog Post - Friday Knight Lights

Throughout this school year, we will feature guest bloggers to share different perspectives on or experiences with boys education on our Head of School blog. Our next guest blogger is Anthony Lofton, Regis Lower School PE Teacher. Anthony discusses our newest sport—Flag Football.

Students posing and holding footballs

Have you ever had tamales for Christmas? Have you ever taken a picture with Big Tex at the state fair? What about pulling over to the side of the road to take pictures of bluebonnets? This is just a small sample of traditions that are unique to the state of Texas. 

Many traditions in life start with our family and friends—whether it be opening up one Christmas present on Christmas Eve or taking the annual family vacation to your favorite place—and other traditions we can trace back to our time in school. Growing up in Texas, we are exposed to many rituals and customs, one of which is Friday night football. It is so iconic that there have been books, movies and TV shows created about this Texas experience.

If you grew up in Texas or the South, close your eyes and think back to those grade school or high school Friday nights. Think about the feeling of the sweat on your skin during those early Fall games, the brightness of the stadium lights as you arrive, the sound of the marching band when they begin to play, the smell of temper paint on the signs for the team to run through, the chants of the cheerleaders from the sidelines, and the sounds of the crowd as they eagerly root on the teams. For players, the eager anticipation for Friday’s last class to end, the excitement of putting on their football jersey, and excitement of seeing the stadium as they pull into the parking lot is unmatched by many other experiences. The atmosphere is electric for a young boy on Friday night in Texas.

Football is a cherished tradition for many people in the state of Texas, and being an all-boys school, our students should have the opportunity to experience this Friday night ritual too. Starting this school year, Regis Lower School students will have the opportunity to play flag football. The experience gained from this tradition is about more than just learning a sport. I recently spoke to Cal McNair, Chairman and CEO of the Houston Texans, about the importance of exposure to flag football at a young age. He said:

“Flag football allows children to learn the game of football and enjoy friendly competition. [It] ensures that players of all ages learn proper fundamentals, stay active, have fun and most importantly, stay safe. Kids not only have fun practicing and playing the game, but they learn valuable lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and commitment—traits that will follow them throughout every aspect of their lives and help shape the leaders of the future.”

These life-skills dovetail into The Regis Experience and the way we live the Five Sacred Heart Goals at The Regis School of the Sacred Heart. As our students learn the value of Faith, Intellect, Service, Community and Maturity in the classroom, these characteristics are reinforced on the field in flag football. This new sport for our students will give them another opportunity to be active during the winter season, and another opportunity to become the scholars and gentlemen we know they will be by the time they graduate.

Houston Texans Cover Slide for Video Presentation with white play button in middle

The Houston Texans helped us announce the launch of Flag Football to our students. Watch the short video!


Portrait of PE Coach Lofton

Bio: Anthony Lofton is Regis' Lower School Athletics Director. This is Anthony's fifth year at Regis. Anthony attended undergraduate school at King University in Tennessee where he played volleyball. He holds a Bachelors in Marketing. Prior to becoming a Regis Knight, he worked in the corporate world while also serving as a volleyball coach