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Guest Blog Post – Why Choose All-Boys?

Throughout this school year, we will feature guest bloggers to share different perspectives on or experiences with boys education on our Head of School blog. Our next guest blogger is Sarah Davenport, Regis' Director of Admissions. Sarah dives deep into reasons why families choose an all-boys school.

One of the first questions I sometimes receive is “why choose an all-boys school for our son?” After doing my best to formulate the most proper answer, complete with all of the best buzzwords in modern education, I always come back to the simplest but perhaps most important reason… at Regis, we celebrate boys—the way in which they learn, socialize, mature and play.

4PK Playground 2019-20

Boys need space and grace to be the best versions of themselves. Regis encourages the development of strong character and intellect inside noisy hallways, throughout vibrant classrooms, on active playgrounds and in the corners of quiet, reflective spaces. As the International Boys’ Schools Coalition states:

“One of the important advantages of a single-sex education is the opportunity it presents to create a learning environment, literally and figuratively, that accommodates what boys and young men need. In a school that is boy-centered, teachers introduce more kinesthetic and sensory experiences into their curriculum, engaging boys more fully in their learning.”

8th Grade Flammability Lab 2019-20

There is often concern from parents that their son will “miss out” if he does not attend a co-educational school, but we like to think about all that he will gain by attending a single-gender school like Regis. While we are very intentional about building out both academic and social opportunities for our boys to engage in with the girls from our sister school, Duchesne, it’s the day-to-day environment that imparts a resounding effect on our students.

We relish in the present, we foster competitive yet healthy peer dynamics and we provide our boys space to develop empathy for one another without the pressures that sometimes exist in the presence of the opposite gender. Regis boys are artists, musicians, public speakers, authors, free-thinkers, servant leaders, athletes, linguists, engineers and problem-solvers. And, our boys are courageous and compassionate, too. This is because our boys have the opportunity to fill every role as a Regis Knight.

Our approach to education is relationship-based, which means that our boys benefit from building relationships with each other, with their female and male teachers and with their greater community. This model promotes a sense of belonging for our students. Educational researchers Reichert and Hawley write, “Relationship is the very medium through which successful teaching and learning is performed.”

It is our sincerest hope that as a current Regis parent or a parent of a prospective Regis Knight, you are excited about what our program offers your son. We always welcome any questions about our all-boys experience, and we look forward to continuing the conversation about the importance of single-gender education for our students at Regis. 

Bio: Sarah Davenport is Regis' Director of Admissions. This is Sarah's second year at Regis. Sarah attended graduate school and undergrad at Louisiana State University. She holds a Masters in Education and a Bachelors in Education. Prior to becoming a Regis Knight, Sarah served as Dean of Students at Allen Academy in College Station and taught at St. John's School in Houston. Sarah is originally from Louisiana.