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Planning for the Regis of Tomorrow

This is a collaborative blog post between Dennis Phillips, Head of School, and Lori Paredes, Director of Communications at The Regis School of the Sacred Heart.

Photo of Dennis Phillips, Jackie Lichter and Rick Pendergast in Regis Lobby

Dennis Phillips, Jackie Lichter
and Rick Pendergast

We are having a very reflective few years here at Regis. As you may recall, in the Spring of 2018, we completed our Sacred Heart Commission On Goals (SHCOG) Self Study, and last year, we finalized our SHCOG Action Plan. This year, we are undergoing a reaccreditation with the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) alongside creating our new Strategic Plan that will guide us from 2020-2025. Having this opportunity for reflection and self-study is one that we have grown accustom to and one that many of us on campus now appreciate. For most of our faculty and staff members, there is continual planning for tomorrow in the short term—this not out of the ordinary. Whether it be a teacher creating and submitting lesson plans for the following week or a department head preparing a report for our Board of Directors, sometimes it is hard to be reflective, sit back, and think about where we have come from so we can plan strategically for the weeks and months beyond tomorrow. When you are in the throes of the school year, extra time is hard to come by.

Our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan will set a defined course for Regis, and we are excited to experience this planning process throughout the school year. This defined course is one of the main benefits of strategic planning—we will be able to layout what we hope to achieve in the next five years, and each day, these initiatives will guide our actions. Not only does this affect what we do as an administration at Regis, but these initiatives will impact our whole community for the positive. When we all have a common goal, we will all work towards that goal together. 

Regis’ current Strategic Plan, A Sacred Promise, will end at the completion of this school year. The current plan provided us with a roadmap outlining our key initiatives for the past five years. As we formulate our new plan, we are eager to see what areas of growth will rise to the top and become our new focus for the next five years. 

Our strategic planning process began last Spring with a search for a Strategic Plan consulting firm. With the help of faculty, board members, current parents and alumni parents, we interviewed 5 different firms and ultimately decided to work with Meitler Consulting Inc. out of Milwaukee. Meitler has deep roots in Catholic education. The company’s founder, Neil Meitler, recognized a need in the Church for planning from a professional standpoint. Not only have Meitler consultants worked with countless Catholic schools across the country, but they worked within the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston previously. They are already knowledgeable about Houston and the Houston Independent School market.

Since contracting with Meitler, our consultants, Rick Pendergast and Dr. Jackie Lichter, have visited our campus twice. In these two visits, they have met with members of Regis’ constituencies including current parents, alumni, faculty and staff. They have also surveyed these various groups and gathered as much information as possible about what everyone sees as the current strengths of Regis and which challenges our school is experiencing. In their time with us, they have gotten to know Regis and gained a deep understanding of who we are as a Sacred Heart school. Next week, Meitler will be back on campus to present their initial findings and reports regarding the many varied cogs that make Regis function: admissions, advancement, communications, academics, finance and mission.

The strategic planning process takes months with the goal of having our new five-year plan finalized in the Spring. For those of us who meet with the consultants every time they are in town, we can hardly believe another month has passed and they will be here in 7 short days for their third visit. We hope you, our greater Regis community, are as excited as we are to see this final plan that will carry Regis into tomorrow! We will be eager to share the plan with you. Thank you for walking this journey with us and for contributing to Regis’ future.