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Sacred Heart Network

The Regis Experience

The 25 Schools of the Sacred Heart in the United States and Canada find unity in a shared mission articulated in the Goals and Criteria. 
The structure supporting Sacred Heart education includes the Network of Sacred Heart schools and the Conference of Sacred Heart Education. The Sacred Heart educational mission reaches beyond the United States and Canada, including more that 150 Sacred Heart schools in 41 countries around the world. The hospitality of the Sacred Heart community is international and graduates are always welcome at any Sacred Heart school across the globe.  

Tips on using the map: 
  1. Zoom in and out by pressing [command] [+] or [-] or clicking the [+] or [-] signs on the bottom left hand corner.  

  2. Move the map to the left, right, up or down by holding your mouse down. 

  3. Click on a red heart to view more information on the school. 

  4. To the left, information about the school will appear including the address, webpage (if there is one) and contact information.

  5. To close the left hand bar that appears when you click on a school, click back on the map.