Art à la Carte


As a supplement to their weekly Visual Arts classes, the Art à la Carte program introduces The Regis School of the Sacred Heart students to art appreciation. Developed by St. Francis Episcopal Day School, Regis has followed this parent-led program for more than 20 years. At each lesson, held monthly in lower school, the boys increase their cultural literacy and learn the vocabulary of art appreciation. Art à la Carte serves as a wonderful foundation on which the more in-depth middle school art program can build.

The Art à la Carte program is led exclusively by trained volunteer docents. Each grade level has a dedicated curriculum and is led by parents or family members of children in that grade.

Kinder - Second Grade Art à la Carte

This program gives students the skills they need to thoroughly describe a work of art. This involves taking a visual inventory of what they see including specific features as well as elements such as shapes, textures, and colors.

By the second grade the boys begin to notice the similarities and differences in the elements of color, shape, and texture. They begin to incorporate descriptions of the principles of art in the works they see.

Third - Fourth Grade Art à la Carte

The program for third and fourth grade expands on the basic building blocks of art acquired in the earlier grades, focusing more on analyzing art to understand its deeper meaning. Students in third grade look for visual clues in artworks or study the history of architecture. In fourth grade, students learn to identify cause and effect factors in art.

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