The joy of self-expression can be heard every day in the music classes at The Regis School of the Sacred Heart. Building on their natural love of sound, the exuberant noise of young boys is channeled into an organized music program where confidence in self-expression is built through opportunities to perform. Music classes include singing, playing and listening to music, learning to read a passage of notes and to replicate sounds with accurate pitch, rhythm and tempo. An appreciation of different styles of music and instruments is incorporated into the program. Throughout the year, the boys have many opportunities to share their talents within our community.

The Regis choir, open to grades three through eight, meets Wednesday mornings before school and provides the boys an opportunity to learn to sing harmony, rounds, descants, and to play percussion instruments. As student leaders, the choir provides music for liturgies and programs throughout the year.

Early Childhood and Lower School

Students in 3 Pre-K through first grades meet for thirty minutes of organized music instruction twice a week. At this early stage, the boys learn about music through singing, body movement, and using rhythm instruments. In second through fourth grades, the boys meet for thirty minutes of music instruction once per week. The older boys become more focused on learning music notation and vocabulary.

All early childhood and lower school boys learn songs to perform at liturgies and other school events. Each year, they also look forward to learning their parts and songs for our annual Christmas program

Middle School

In fifth grade, the students meet for forty-five minutes of music instruction once per week. Students continue to learn basic music notation while developing a rich repertoire of folk, patriotic, multicultural, and seasonal songs. Students perform in our annual Christmas program as well as at liturgies and prayer services.

Once the boys enter sixth grade, they continue developing their musical skills over the course of an in-depth trimester of music study each year. During this trimester, the students meet for music instruction three days each week. Boys experience music through studying theory, handbells, singing, creating presentations, composing, and preparing for musical performances. This more intensive focus allows the boys to advance their technical skills and knowledge as well as discover new talents.

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