The joy of self-expression can be heard every day in the music classes at The Regis School of the Sacred Heart. Building on their natural love of sound, the exuberant noise of young boys is channeled into an organized music program where confidence in self-expression is developed through responding, creating, and performing music. 

The Regis choir, open to students in third through eighth grade, meets Wednesday mornings before school and provides the boys an opportunity to learn to sing harmony, rounds, descants, and to play percussion instruments. As student leaders, the choir provides music for liturgies and programs throughout the year.

Early Childhood and Lower School

Students in 3 Pre-K through fourth grade meet for thirty minutes of organized music instruction twice in each  8-day rotation.  The boys explore and experience a wide variety of music using various rhythm instruments including beanbags, rhythm sticks, scarves and bucket drums.   Students share original musical ideas through dancing, creative movement activities, puppet play and singing games.  All boys learn songs to share at liturgies and other school events. Each year, students look forward to learning their parts and songs for our annual Christmas program.

Middle School

Students in fifth through eighth grade meet for 55 minutes of music instruction three times in each 8-day rotation.  In class, Middle School music students listen to and discuss many genres of music.  Music Theory is reinforced by singing notated music, drills, games, worksheets and a Music Olympics Unit.  Students create and arrange music within specified guidelines using a variety of rhythm instruments, including bucket drums and handbells.  Classroom Performance Days provide opportunities for students to share songs, dances, skits with their classmates.  In December, students can participate in the Feast Wishes variety show.  Students who study musical instruments outside of school have many opportunities to share their talents during the school year at liturgies, Prize Day and graduation. 

To fulfill their Fine Arts elective, eighth grade students  may enroll in a semester of Music Composition or Musical Theater.  In the eighth grade Composition class, students compose using classroom instruments, GarageBand software, web composing sites, and Makey Makey Invention Kits.   Students in the eighth grade Musical Theater class create many theatrical styles of work, including an original musical to share with their Little Brothers at the end of the semester. 

Fine Arts Offerings