Visual Arts

The Regis School of the Sacred Heart believes participation in art is critical for developing a student’s positive self-expression and creativity. A balanced education including myriad artistic opportunities is an intrinsic part of The Regis Experience. Art instruction promotes the equal development of both sides of the brain and strengthens eye-hand coordination. The Regis visual arts program cultivates and builds on boys’ natural interest in working with their hands and creating objects by incorporating lessons using traditional art materials, digital manipulation and design, as well as encouraging collaboration and design thinking.

4 Pre-K - Fifth Grade

During these beginning years, the Regis visual arts program provides students with the skills and vocabulary they need to communicate artistically. Through regular instruction, the boys are able to enhance their creative abilities and develop the skills necessary to create two- and three-dimensional projects. These students enjoy weekly visual art instruction as well as an optional weekly Open Studio session during lunchtime.

Sixth - Eighth Grade

Students continue developing their artistic skills throughout their middle school years. These students meet for visual arts instruction once a week, with an additional Open Studio session held during lunchtime for those who choose to attend or for those who need extra time to work.

Middle school students are encouraged to develop their own unique style and become proficient in a variety of artistic mediums. The boys have many opportunities to collaborate on large-scale projects such as sculpture and design thinking projects as well as individual projects.

Fine Arts Offerings