Lower School Academics

The Regis Lower School provides a curriculum designed to challenge and grow students academically and socially while continuing their journey toward becoming scholars and gentlemen. It is accompanied with social awareness education and opportunities to serve and elevates the students’ academic, social, and behavioral disciplines.  Students practice appropriate developmental skills for cognitive growth, personal and social behavior, and fine and gross motor skills. Lower School students are challenged and encouraged to expand their knowledge and understanding on all levels. In kindergarten and first grade, boys are taught an academic base, while also having the opportunity to extend their learning through enrichment activities. This foundation is taught using developmentally appropriate strategies and objectives. Second through fourth grades build upon this strong beginning, challenging and enabling the boys to become independent, resourceful learners. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and materials as they continue to grow and develop. Built into our curriculum are a variety of ancillary classes designed to encourage boys’ interests and expose them to new concepts including Spanish, art, music, physical education, MakerSpace, and library. 

Lower School Curriculum