Middle School Academics

The formative years of Middle School are full of rich experiences and unique learning opportunities. During this time, our faculty continues to build upon the foundations established during Early Childhood and Lower School, while challenging our students to push their own limits and take risks. Being equipped to succeed in high school—as well as life in general— is only one aspect of a Middle School education. Our true goal is to shape individuals who will better our world, who are not afraid to test the limits, and who know how to overcome failure and move forward.

Our Middle School program includes overnight trips designed to enhance the curriculum and expand a student’s worldview. Fifth and sixth graders spend two days at Camp Allen to practice team building and participating in experiential learning. In seventh grade, Texas history comes alive as students visit San Antonio and Austin and experience firsthand what they have studied in the classroom. Our eighth graders revisit American History as they travel to Washington D.C. for five days each spring.

Students experience many “firsts” in Middle School, including changing classes throughout the day, learning how to use a locker, honing organizational skills and—beginning in 6th grade—becoming familiar with using a laptop for their coursework. The many “firsts” of Middle School often come with academic, social, and spiritual challenges. For this reason, each boy is assigned to an Advisor and Advisory group beginning in the 5th grade. These groups and their Advisor stay together for the entirety of their time in Middle School, sharing struggles, participating in team building, and constructing a support system.

Middle School Curriculum