Understanding that our students are comfortable and proficient with technology from a very young age, The Regis School of the Sacred Heart’s technology program strives to challenge these digital natives to become life-long learners. STEM projects and our MakerSpace lab are an integral part of the Regis curriculum for all grades. Each classroom includes a SmartBoard or Promethean Board for interactive lessons as well as access to PC and Mac computers and iPads. Technology is incorporated into all divisions and areas of learning.

MakerSpace (3 Pre-K though Fourth Grade)

Through hands-on learning, Regis MakerSpace learning encourages 3 Pre-K through fourth grade students to develop new skills using some of the latest technology.

In MakerSpace, students learn:

  • Problem solving by trial and error
  • To work collaboratively in small groups
  • To design in one, two and, three dimensions
  • To design and build projects from their own imagination

3 Pre-K - 4 Pre-K

Early childhood students have weekly computer class time in the MakerSpace lab. Early childhood students learn introductory skills through:

  • SmartBoards in every classroom
  • iPads in every classroom
  • Dedicated computer class time to learn the fundamentals of computer operations

Kindergarten - Fourth Grade

Lower school students have weekly classroom time in the MakerSpace lab:

In addition to the skills acquired in early childhood, lower school students increase their digital proficiency by learning:

  • Windows and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Mac operations and troubleshooting
  • Creating and editing videos
  • Keyboarding and mouse operation
  • Cyber safety
  • iPads in every classroom
  • Interactive lessons on classroom Promethean Boards
  • Programming with Modular cubelets, Lego Mindstorms, Lego Wedo, Wonderworks Dash and Dot robots

Middle School (Fifth Grade through Eighth Grade)

Middle school students have dedicated technology classroom time twice per week. Beginning in sixth grade, each Regis middle school student will purchase their own laptop and learn responsible computer care and use.

In addition to further development of skills learned in lower school, middle school further refine their digital skills through:

  • Multi-media video development
  • Increased focus on digital citizenship and cyber safety
  • Designing for and use of 3-D printer
  • Coding and 3-D design