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Apple Distinguished School

Regis is pleased to be named an Apple Distinguished School for 2022-2025 for our innovative incorporation of Apple technology into our classrooms and community!

Apple Distinguished Schools are centers of innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. They use Apple technology to inspire creativity, collaboration and critical thinking in learning, teaching and the school environment, and have documented results of academic accomplishment. The selection of Regis as an Apple Distinguished School highlights our success as an innovator and a compelling learning environment that engages students, and provides tangible evidence of academic achievement.


The Technology and MakerSpace programs at Regis serve all grades, challenging and developing students' skills in critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving. Regis’ Board, administration, faculty and staff are invested in leveraging 21st century tools on campus to create powerful learning opportunities for every student. The development of essential technology skills in students is woven into the school’s five-year strategic plan, Shaping Our Future.

In 2020, Regis became fully 1:1 with MacBook Air and iPad. Every classroom is also equipped with interactive digital boards to promote student engagement. Regis’ successful integration of technology is guided by Sacred Heart Goal V, personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom, with faculty partnering with families to support their unique technology needs.

Technology in Action


A Thoughtful Approach

Age-appropriate technology is accessible and integrated into each classroom at Regis


Classroom Integration

Community support and approval guides integration of new technology tools into the classroom

What's Next

Technology Leaders

Regis will continue to expand influence as a leader in educational technology