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Regis community members are surveyed each spring, and technology is a main topic in this survey.
This year, 88% of respondents feel Regis has appropriate technology tools available in the classroom, up from 73% in 2020-21; and 86% are satisfied with the ethical and respectful use of technology on campus, up from 76% in 2020-21. The incorporation of informative parent meetings discussing the technology program and the continuing implementation of the 1:1 program account for this growth.

In April, parents donated over $80,000 at the school’s auction towards enhancing classroom libraries and purchasing new technology tools. These new technology experiences will further spark the imagination, curiosity and creativity of students as they gain invaluable skills to impact the world.

I'm very pleased that the Technology Classroom will benefit from additional 3D printers as a result of Auction. I understand this will assist Mr. Alderfer significantly with his program.

Regis Middle School Parent

I like the tech component of the Regis education for my son.

Regis Lower School Parent

[Mr. Alderfer] has done a tremendous job in making Regis' tech tools current and applicable. Looking forward to seeing technology continue to be used for interactive learning and improvement.

Regis Middle School Parent

Very pleased with the technology offerings this year. My son learned a lot about various technology tools, preparing him for high school...

Regis Middle School Parent

By the Numbers


Parents who feel Regis has appropriate technology available in the classroom


Satisfaction rate among parents regarding the ethical and respectful use of technology on campus


Informative grade-level meetings discussing the technology program in Lower School and Middle School at Regis


iPad and Laptop Program in Lower School and Middle School