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Early Childhood

EC Tech Board Early Childhood in Technology Program - Regis of the Sacred Heart

The MakerSpace experience in Early Childhood promotes curiosity, engages students in problem solving activities and allows for experiences to nurture creativity.
MakerSpace is an extension of classroom learning, themes and social development in Early Childhood. Fine motor development is also a large focus of MakerSpace at the Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 level. Boys work with age appropriate tools and materials to foster fine motor development.The importance of sharing with one another, respecting others’ work, communicating ideas and regulating emotions is an integral part of the curriculum. Students learn to ask questions, make predictions, imagine and solve problems. Literature often acts as a springboard for many lessons, in which the students must solve a problem for the main character by building and creating a product. Exposure to technology in MakerSpace for the early childhood students is limited, but an introduction to programming is implemented with the Bee Bot robots.