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Middle School

Middle School Student working in his laptop during Technology Classes - Regis of the Sacred Heart

Middle School Technology focuses on developing practical technology skills that are applicable to all areas of a student's education.
In Technology class, students master word processing, spreadsheets audio and video recording and more. The curriculum harnesses a dynamic set of skills to use for creative learning experiences in their other classes.Additionally, Middle School students continue developing the skills learned in Lower School, further refining their digital skills through: 

  • Multimedia and Digital Design 
  • Increased focus on digital citizenship and cyber safety 
  • 3D Design and Printing 
  • Coding  
  • Design Thinking 

The Technology department at Regis teaches the curriculum through the lens of the Sacred Heart Goals & Criteria, with special focus on personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom (Goal V), partnering with each family to support their unique technology needs.