Admissions Welcome


As Houston’s only all-boys 3 Pre-K through 8th Grade Independent Catholic school, we are grateful for your interest in our premier program. We would like to begin your Regis Experience by posing a question we often ask our prospective families:

What do you want for your child?
You want the absolute best for him. You want him to be happy. Certainly, you want him to live a long, fulfilled and productive life. But will he make the world a better place? Become a person of good character — a man with courage and a heart? Will he become a person of integrity and a good friend to others? A thinker, a learner and a listener? Will he be a success?

We want that for him, too.
We believe our role as parents and educators isn’t to define success for our children, but to inspire them to define success for themselves. To encourage them to learn not just from skilled educators, but from their own mistakes. To give them the freedom to explore and to make wise choices. To guide them to find their true greatness. Their own version of fulfillment. Their brand of leadership.

Through a unique mix of challenging academics and the values of the Sacred Heart, we empower students of all faiths to become authentic, compassionate leaders. Regis graduates typically go on to attend the high school of their choice, the next important step in their journeys. They have become military officers, business leaders, attorneys, scientists, members of clergy and Regis parents. But more important, through their Regis Experience, they develop a passion for learning and a foundation of moral character that serves them — and allows them to serve others — for a lifetime. Regardless of how they ultimately define success.

We invite you to inquire about admission for your son, and we look forward to connecting with you soon!

Warm regards,
Kiran Ali
Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management

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