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Why Pre-K through Eighth Grade?

Why 3 Pre-K Through 8

My teachers have taught me to live my life both in and outside of school through the five sacred heart goals: faith, intellect, service, community, and maturity. These goals and this school do not just make me a Regis knight; it makes me a scholar and gentleman. . . .I feel very prepared for what challenges are ahead for me."

Jack J., Class of 2022
regis student since 2012

Our vision is to serve the needs of boys with the focus on learning that addresses not only how to excel in academics but also how to grow into young men of integrity and empathy. 
Regis educators focus on the needs of boys from early childhood to adolescence, creating consistency for students throughout these developmental years in a supportive and loving community.  The Pre-K through eighth grade environment gives Regis faculty the ability to know students well and better support their growth throughout their time at school.