Portrait of a Graduate

Through a unique mix of challenging academics and the values of a Sacred Heart education, Regis empowers students of all faiths to become lifelong scholars and authentic, compassionate leaders.


A Regis graduate has developed a personal and active faith in God. Through his time in personal reflection, religion classes, and morning prayer, a Regis boy has a solid foundation in his faith formation and has embarked upon his own spiritual journey




A Regis graduate has a deep respect for intellectual values. He is academically well prepared for high school and beyond, takes responsibility for his learning, is a curious and critical thinker, and is a self-advocate with strong organizational skills.




A Regis graduate serves those in need, is socially aware of the necessity of helping others, has witnessed the impact of his service and is inspired to continue these acts of love.




A Regis graduate builds community as a Christian value. He is a leader and collaborator, serves as a mentor, and is self-aware, recognizing that his actions impact others in the community.




A Regis graduate is a young adolescent who understands the value of making good decisions and who has grown and matured in an atmosphere of wise freedom. He is respectful and is a gentleman whose character development sets him apart and positions him for success.