why choose a boys' school?

Lessons Focus on How Boys Learn Best

Research has shown that boys learn differently than girls. A school that caters specifically to boys recognizes that young men have unique needs. For example, Regis teachers understand that the students need frequent movement and a hands-on approach. Our teachers continue to be trained in the best ways to meet the needs of young men.

Boys Can Avoid Stereotypical Social Pressures

In a boys’ school, students are allowed to mature at an appropriate pace. Young men gain confidence without the distraction of girls. Regis boys can just “be boys” and develop individually.

Co-curricular Options Provide Non-traditional Experiences

Boys are exposed to activities that break down society’s stereotypes. Programs in a boys’ school nurture all areas of talent for young men. Regis students participate in art, athletics, choir, and other co-curricular activities suited to their individual gifts.

Boys Learn Appropriate Social Skills

Teachers of boys understand the need to emphasize effective communication skills. Male faculty members provide models of appropriate behavior for our students. As a result, the young men of Regis learn to be gentlemen as well as scholars.

A Strong Sense of Camaraderie

Young men in a boys’ school form strong bonds with their peers. In addition, multi-age level activities build a sense of community. This creates a foundation for Regis boys to forge life-long friendships beyond the classroom.