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A Letter from The Regis Fund Alumni Chair

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Dear Regis Alumni,

Google was founded in 1998, and I imagine most of you don’t remember life before it. Twenty five years ago, another significant milestone took place – I started my job at Regis. Just like you, Regis has become a part of me.

As an educator and coach, I know that playing sports will teach life lessons, but the education you received at Regis gave you choice and the skills to make wise decisions. Your education was and continues to be more than math, spelling, and history; it is the total immersion of self-awareness as you learned about yourself and the world. To ensure the healthy future of Regis and its students, each fall the school launches its most important fundraiser of the year—The Regis Fund

I give to The Regis Fund because it affords the academic, spiritual, social, artistic, and athletic experiences our students, parents, and alumni love. It also provides facility improvements and professional development to ensure Regis attracts and maintains the top-level faculty and staff to best serve our students.

The Regis Fund’s five-week effort is underway and will conclude on Friday, September 29, 2023. This year’s theme is Gratitude for Growth. I am grateful for many things Regis has allowed me to do, including providing you with an educational experience rooted in the five Sacred Heart Goals. It’s been an honor to see my students become young men who are life-long learners, dedicated to serving others, and have cultivated a strong foundation in their faith. 

Please join me and show your gratitude today by giving to The Regis Fund. Your gift directly supports our students, teachers, and staff as they continue to deliver The Regis Experience.

Please join me and give to The Regis Fund - Gratitude for Growth.


Coach Gary Holub


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