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A Letter from The Regis Fund Alumni Chair

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Dear Regis Alumni,

It could be a few months or thirty years since you’ve walked the halls of Regis. No matter how long it’s been, Regis is certainly not a place that you’ve forgotten. As someone who has been here a long time, I’ve watched as you and the school have grown together. 

As an educator and coach, I know that playing sports will teach life lessons, but the education you received at Regis gave you choice and the skills to make wise decisions. Your education was and continues to be more than math, spelling, and history; it is the total immersion of self-awareness as you learned about yourself and the world. To ensure the healthy future of Regis and its students, each fall the school launches its most important fundraiser of the year—The Regis Fund

I commit to this annual fund because I know it affords the academic, spiritual, social, artistic, and athletic experiences that are loved by our students, parents, and alumni. It’s a concentration that is unique to Regis. This fund also provides facility improvements and professional development to ensure Regis is attracting and maintaining the highest-quality faculty and staff to best serve our students.

The Regis Fund theme this year is One School, One Mission, One Heart. It is now underway and will conclude on September 30. During this five-week effort, I ask that you join me with a gift or pledge to Regis. 

I am honored to be helping with this important fundraising effort. I encourage you to unite with me by giving a gift that supports our students, teachers, and staff as they continue to deliver The Regis Experience.

Please join me and give to The Regis Fund: One School, One Mission, One Heart.


Coach Holub


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