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Middle School Athletics

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Good Sportsmanship, Healthy Competition & Teamwork

The athletics program in Middle School provides opportunities for boys in fifth through eighth grade to participate in competitive, interscholastic athletics. Middle School athletics focus on the development and formation of the Five Sacred Heart Goals in each player. Boys learn how to approach competition with passion, grace and humility; how to work as part of a team; and how to practice good sportsmanship.

The program in Middle School emphasizes physical, mental and social development for all athletes. Each player has the opportunity to learn from experienced coaches. Regis' athletics program focuses on the development of skills among Junior Varsity athletes and encourages the highest level of competition among Varsity athletes.

Physical Education

During the school day, 45-minute physical education classes are offered six days in the eight-day rotation for all fifth through eighth grade middle school students.

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Regis' Middle School Athletics Director will contact parents during the school year with information on how to register your son for Co-curricular Team Sports.