Health & wellness at Regis

The Regis School of the Sacred Heart is deeply committed to fostering the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of our community. We understand the importance of supporting and guiding the health, social, and emotional lives of boys. The Health and Wellness Departments work collaboratively to uphold the values and morals in alignment with the Five Goals of Sacred Heart education.

Health clinic at Regis

Regis has a registered nurse that staffs the school clinic. The school nurse, faculty and staff are trained in First Aid, CPR and AED use.  The nurse provides care and education to the students, faculty, staff and parents regarding health and safety.  The nurse is responsible for maintaining immunization records, performing health screenings, providing care for injuries and illness, assisting parents and children coping with chronic illness, administering medications as needed and tracking infectious outbreaks.  Our goal is for students to be able to maximize their time in school in a safe and healthy manner.  Regis has adopted Magnus Health System for managing all our health records.  

When to stay home?

A child having one or more of the following symptoms should be kept at or will be sent home:

  • fever of 100.0 degrees or higher
  • suspected contagious disease
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • sore throat, acute cold or persistent cough
  • general malaise (feels too sick to remain in school)

If your child has any of the above symptoms in the morning before coming to school, please keep him at home.


Counseling at Regis

The counselor seeks to foster positive relationships with students and their families, serving as an advocate, listening ear and liaison between faculty and families. Parents and students can schedule an appointment with the counseling department via phone or email

About the Nurse

Mary Christopherson is a registered nurse who received her BSN from New Mexico State University. She has been practicing nursing for the last 36 years in various settings including School Nursing, Home Health Care, Hospice and Long term care. She is certified in CPR/AED training and belongs to the National Association of School Nurses and the Texas School Nurses Association. Mary has lived in Texas for the past seven years, is married with three children and two beautiful grandchildren.

About the Counselor

Dr. Noel Jett most recently received a Master’s of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and has previously been awarded a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Texas A&M University and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Psychology, with a focus in Gifted and Talented Education, from the University of North Texas.  Having served as a school counselor, a private practice counselor, an instructor, a research assistant and a teaching assistant, Dr. Jett has been through almost every part of K-12 and higher education— but found her calling in K-8 counseling.  A sixth-generation Texan, Dr. Jett current lives in Spring and spends as much time as she can traveling to new places. 

Contact Information

Mrs. Mary Christopherson, RN, BSN
713-682-8383 x 5114




Dr. Noel Jett, Ph.D.
713-682-8383 x 5134


Everything discussed with the school counselor and nurse is held in confidence unless in the rare instance of a life-threatening situation.