Spiritual Life

“Our one passion should be the love of Christ and the desire to make Him loved.”
~St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

Faith in God is the foundation of a Sacred Heart education. As a Sacred Heart School, we seek to assist our students in developing their own personal faith as well as cultivating an understanding of and deep respect for the religions of the world. Inspired by Sacred Heart Goal I (to educate to a personal and active faith in God) Regis nurtures its students in the Catholic faith, instills values, and teaches spirituality in a secure, responsive environment much like that of an extended family. Regis families are encouraged to actively participate in this faith journey.

Celebrating God in our Daily Life at Regis

Students are taught reverence and appropriate behaviors for celebrating Eucharistic liturgies, participating in prayer services, retreats, Stations of the Cross, recitation of the Rosary, and visits to chapel. During the Advent and Lenten seasons, students observe the daily practice of Espacio, a Spanish word meaning space. Espacio is a special meditative time during the school day to silently listen for God’s voice and reflect quietly. Madeleine Sophie Barat, Sacred Heart Society foundress, believed in practicing a contemplative life and our students benefit from this chance to be still in order to reflect and pray.

Even the youngest students enter into our spiritual community by learning their prayers, participating in prayer services, and attending Mass with the older boys. The school day opens with morning assembly and closes with spiritual reflection and prayers. Throughout the year, each class takes a turn in preparing and participating in a liturgy or prayer service. Parents are invited to attend school liturgies. Students are encouraged to take leadership roles in faith celebrations by serving as altar boys (Berchman’s Brothers) or music ministers.

Instilling the Sacred Heart Mission

The mission of Sacred Heart Schools is kept alive and vibrant by giving special attention to the celebration of Eucharistic liturgies in honor of:

  • St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, Society of the Sacred Heart foundress
  • St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, who brought the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart to America
  • St. John Francis Regis, St. Philippine Duchesne’s favorite saint and namesake of our school
  • Mater Admirabilis, another name for our Blessed Lady, the Mother of God, special to Sacred Heart Schools.

At these individual celebrations, the story of each saint is repeated again to our students so that they may grow to understand the truly unique experience of a Sacred Heart education.

Additionally, as a School of the Sacred Heart, Regis seeks to imbue the spirit of the five Goals of the Sacred Heart in all of our students through formation experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

Educating by Example

Regis faculty is always alert to those special teaching moments when one of the Goals of the Sacred Heart can be incorporated into a lesson. Spirituality permeates the school day through prayer, modeling, and instructional opportunities not confined to religion class alone. The faculty is instructed in traditions and faith practices of the Sacred Heart and of a Catholic school during meetings and retreats. As they lead by example, Regis faculty seek to foster children who learn to show care and concern for themselves with the Sacred Heart Goals ever-present. In these ways, Regis encourages the faculty’s spiritual development and nurtures an active personal faith.