Board of Directors

The 2018-2019 school year brings some exciting changes to The Regis School.  From day one of the new school year, Regis will be implementing a new, customized class schedule.  This new schedule was thoughtfully created through the cooperative efforts of ISM (Independent School Management) and the Regis administration and faculty to maximize classroom time, improve facility use, and enhance our boys' experience throughout the school day.  This schedule will progress our Strategic Goal of continually striving for excellence in boys education in the Sacred Heart tradition.

This year, the Board is glad to welcome one new director, John Barry (Buildings and Grounds Committee) and the reappointment of Lauren Summerville (Enrollment Management Committee) and Sister Sharon Karam, RSCJ (Directors Committee).  We are excited to add John to the Board and look forward to Lauren and Sister Karam continuing their outstanding work towards Regis’ strategic growth.   We will be focused on year four of our five-year strategic plan, A Sacred Commitment.

This fall, the Sacred Heart Network will conclude our bicentennial celebration of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne’s arrival in North America.  Starting with Philippine’s brave journey in 1818, Sacred Heart education has grown to a Network of 24 Sacred Heart Schools throughout the United States and Canada.  Watch the school news and calendar for updates on special events and ways you can observe this important milestone. As part of our full participation in the larger Sacred Heart network, we will be completing Year Five of our Sacred Heart Commission on Goals (SHCOG) process in November with an on-campus review from a SHCOG visiting team.  The SHCOG review ensures that The Regis School is upholding and honoring the Sacred Heart mission and Goals in every part of our community life.  We look forward to welcoming the SHCOG committee and sharing our commitment to the Sacred Heart Goals. 

The Regis School is an amazing place for boys where they can grow academically, spiritually and physically.  The Board is grateful for the continued participation from the parent community and for all our outstanding faculty and staff who make The Regis Experience so unique.  On behalf of the Board, I want to express my sincere thanks for your support of Regis and for your commitment to the success of our scholars and gentlemen.

Sean Muller
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Mr. John Barry
Mr. Tristan Berlanga
Mrs. Anita Bryant
Mrs. Maricarmen Cano
Mrs. Anna Charlton
Mr. John Cogan
Mrs. Julie Davis
Mr. Patrick Dennis
Mrs. Ana Lee Jacobs
Sr. Sharon Karam, RSCJ
Mrs. Megan Long
Mr. Sean Muller
Fr. Jim Murphy, CSB
Sr. Lucie Nordmann, RSCJ
Mr. Trip Norkus
Mr. Ed Sullivan
Mrs. Lauren Summerville
Ms. Alison Vasquez
Mr. Dennis Phillips, ex-officio