Board of Directors

The Regis School Board of Directors' focus is on long-range strategic issues. Utilizing the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria as a guiding compass ensures that Regis Board members consistently act in the best interest of the entire Regis community and for the future of the school. The Regis Board uses the school's strategic plan as a roadmap to focus on development of areas such as enrollment, fundraising, financial planning and campus improvements. Directors are nominated and elected to three-year terms

Board of Directors

Mr. John Barry
Mrs. Anita Bryant
Mrs. Maricarmen Cano
Mrs. Anna Charlton
Mr. John Cogan
Mrs. Julie Davis
Mr. Patrick Dennis
Mr. John Fahy
Mrs. Mimi Foerster
Mrs. Ana Lee Jacobs
Sr. Sharon Karam, RSCJ
Mr. Stephen Lewis
Mr. Tom Lloyd
Mrs. Megan Long
Mr. Kendall Miller
Ms. Melissa Moore
Fr. Jim Murphy, CSB
Sr. Lucie Nordmann, RSCJ
Mr. George Rizzo
Mr. Ed Sullivan
Mrs. Lauren Summerville
Ms. Alison Vasquez
Mr. Dennis Phillips, ex-officio