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Guest Blog Post – Kindergartener Today, Leader Tomorrow

Kindergarten is one of the most challenging yet rewarding grade levels. In my opinion, it's also the most fun, but I may be biased. This year is the culmination of students' foundational knowledge learned from home, in Pre-K 3 and in Pre-K 4. If you think of Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 as bricks, Kindergarten would be the mortar in building a strong mathematical foundation. Part of what builds this strong foundation is what practices you use and how you engage the students.

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Guest Blog Post – An Inside Look at Math at Regis

At Regis, we are continually working on creating an environment that best supports our diverse group of learners—focusing on student-centered learning and best practices that extend and enrich our current offerings. You can compare the construction of Regis' math program to the building of a new house—we start by creating a sound foundation, then add rooms that are interconnected and function well together. The math team has been busy blending curriculum that is rooted in mathematical language formation and the evolving study of patterns, quantity and real-world problem-solving. Centering on the unique cognitive development at each stage of learning, we aim to balance research based best practices to develop the competency and confidence in our young scholars.

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The Power of Mentors

About a month ago I was rummaging through my thoughts as it was becoming clear to me the holidays were over and we were moving into 2019. As is typical for most of us, the January swoon of dark days and sluggishness of moving beyond Christmas and New Years has the tendency to keep us locked in place feeling immovable. If you're a Midwestern or a Northerner by birth, you know what I mean—it's the annual pattern of thought linked to winter, reminding you spring will not arrive for a few more months.

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Guest Blog Post – Raising a Lifelong Reader

As parents and teachers, we all strive for our boys to love to read and to be "lifelong readers." How does this happen? Kids can become lifelong readers for a variety of reasons. Sometimes he discovers a book that captures his imagination and opens up a whole new world to him. In some cases, it's a teacher who assigns a book that is the "hook" that sparks his love for reading. And perhaps, most importantly, parents influence their children's reading by modeling good reader behavior and sharing their love of literature with their children—by always having a book nearby that they are reading, making trips to the library or bookstore, taking a book along in the car or plane with them.

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Guest Blog Post – Demystifying the Admissions Process

People often ask how we decide who should be a Regis Knight. Is admission based on IQ scores, family connections, student personality or teacher recommendations? The approach to admission to The Regis School is multi-tiered, meaning that we are looking at prospective students to try to best determine if the student is a fit academically and if he would be a good addition to the grade. In other words, would adding this boy benefit him as well as the rest of the students in that grade?

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