Middle School Boys on Regis Playing Field

Early Childhood experience

How do we do it?

The Regis Experience provides boys with a toolkit of opportunities that they can build on to learn to make wise decisions with confidence and courage. Every member of the community works together to create an environment designed distinctly for boys with high expectations and support for success. Every boy who participates in The Regis Experience is intentionally guided through a progressive and age-appropriate program of leadership and character development.

Five essential elements of The Regis Experience, rooted in the Sacred Heart mission:

  • Catholic Identity (Goal I and IV)
  • Challenging curriculum with quality instruction (Goal II)
  • Community focus (Goal III and IV)
  • Class size that is manageable and balanced (Goal IV and V)
  • All-boy environment (Goal IV and V)

The essential elements are manifested in many ways in each division including some of the examples highlighted below.

3 Pre-Kindergarten through 4 Pre-Kindergarten

Boys enter Regis with an eagerness to learn and grow. The Early Childhood education team seeks to foster this enthusiasm for learning by providing distinctly boy-centered educational opportunities that begin The Regis Experience. At this stage, boys are guided learners who are beginning their journey as a Regis Knight.