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Beyond the Classroom

Student and adult members of the community grow in courage and confidence as they discover new abilities, cultivate strengths, learn from mistakes, develop empathy and exercise resilience in meeting challenges.” Goal V, Criterion 1 

The Regis School of the Sacred Heart develops scholars and gentlemen by cultivating students as learners well beyond the walls of the classroom. Regis students have many age-appropriate opportunities for educational and personal growth outside of the classroom. These offerings allow the boys a chance to learn together in a less structured environment. Unique events, such as field trips and social awareness projects allow the students guided freedom to expand their learning in new and different settings. 

Beyond the Classroom Resource

Houses of Regis

Regis Middle School has a House system designed to channel boys' energy into constructive outlets where they partake in physical and academic competitions such as relay races, name that tune music competitions, Highland games strength contests, art contests and more. Through the House system, students learn to take pride in their school and in each other. They share their wide variety of skills and gifts with each other and learn to support their fellow House members as they pursue a common goal. 

There are four Houses:  Armor, Helmet, Shield and Sword. Each Middle School student is a member of the same House from fifth through eighth grade. Three faculty Chamberlains are assigned to each House. Within each House, specific grade levels focus on a particular life skill each year, allowing them to grow and learn. 

  • Fifth Grade: Self-discipline

  • Sixth Grade: Commitment

  • Seventh Grade: Service

  • Eighth Grade: Leadership



Houses of Regis