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Social Awareness

The Regis School students participating in a social awareness project.

The school community engages in direct service, advocacy, outreach and partnerships to work for justice, peace and the integrity of creation.”

goal iii, criterion 6

Service or social awareness is incorporated into daily life at Regis.
Whether it be in the form of an off-campus social awareness project, an on-campus drive or simply being helpful around the classroom and hallways to both teachers and fellow students, Goal III, a social awareness that impels to action, is an important aspect of The Regis Experience.   

Instilling a passion for service in students throughout their time at Regis promotes informed active citizenship and civic responsibility on a local, national and global level.  

Starting with the youngest Regis Knights in Pre-K3, students participate in service drives and activities throughout the school year, supporting various charities such as the Houston SPCA, Camp Hope, East Spring Branch Food Pantry and more. Once a year, students conduct a school-wide coin drive to support Sacred Heart sister schools in Uganda. In November and March, Regis third through eighth grade students go out into the greater Houston community over the course of two days to serve at local charities such as The Beacon and Community Family Centers. Middle School students also have the opportunity to participate in summer service projects through the Network of Sacred Heart schools

Students volunteering to clean up litter at a service project at The Regis School in Houston.

How We Serve

Social Awareness Reflections

It made me grateful for all that I have.  I can’t imagine what it would feel like not knowing when my next meal would be.  

Regis Student
Class of 2023

Something that stood out was that we all worked together and got a lot done.

Regis Student
Class of 2025

It (serving at Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services - ECHOS) made me more aware of how I can help others who really need it.

Regis Student
Class of 2024