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Lower School Observation Form

Please complete this observation form within 24 hours of the applicant's visit. Thank you for your help in our Admissions Process.


Name of Teacher Completing Formrequired
First Name
Last Name
Applicant Namerequired
First Name
Last Name
Name of Shadow Buddyrequired
First Name
Last Name
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Please mark the appropriate response or N/A if you did not observe the subject area.
Listens and follows teacher's directionsrequired
Is attentive to group discussionsrequired
Contributes to group discussionsrequired
Can work independentlyrequired
Works cooperativelyrequired
Exhibits maturityrequired
Moves from one activity to anotherrequired
Welcomes new challengesrequired
Demonstrates ability to stay on taskrequired
Completes work in a timely mannerrequired
Expresses ideas verballyrequired
Clarity of writingrequired
Grammar/Mechanics skillsrequired
Reading rate and fluencyrequired
Reading comprehensionrequired
Number senserequired
Spatial senserequired
Academic curiosityrequired
Problem solving skillsrequired


Please mark the appropriate response.
Responds positively to constructive criticismrequired
Engages with peers easilyrequired
Is comfortable in a grouprequired
Is respectful of propertyrequired
Demonstrates self controlrequired
Exhibits emotional maturity required
Takes pride in appearancerequired
Demonstrates appropriate energy levelrequired


Mark the words that best describe the candidate during your observation.required





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