4th Grade Sure Plays a Mean Pinball!

The maker mentality of learning through trial and error came to life in 4th grade over the last few weeks. In April, 4th grade students started constructing pinball machines made from cardboard, craft sticks, rubber bands, push pins and other items found around the classroom. Regis 4th grade teacher, Kelly Hughes, said the project was about "learning to fail and having to fix things." The boys were tasked with coming up with a theme for their pinball machine, creating a launcher, constructing flippers and installing obstacles in their machine. After coming up with their ideas, the boys began construction and painting. The culmination of their projects ended with a trip to share their pinball machines with Duchesne's 4th grade students.

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2nd Grade Performs Living Wax Museum

In April, Regis' 2nd grade students performed their Living Wax Museum. Spearheaded by Mrs. Ashley Burke, this is the second year in a row for the Living Wax Museum. After returning from Christmas break, students chose a historical or famous figure to research for this Spring performance. From Jesus to Pope Francis to George Washington to Bono, 2nd grade covered a vast time period with the characters they selected. Ms. Paredes had the opportunity recently to sit down with a few 2nd grade students to discuss their Wax Museum performance.

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Regis Student Competes in National Quiz Tournament

Regis 6th grade student, Michael Hren, traveled to Chicago this past weekend to do something no other Regis student had done before—compete in the National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT) Individual Player National Championship Tournament (IPNCT). In January, NAQT extended an invitation to Michael for one of eighty-four tournament spots based on his scores and impressive depth of knowledge demonstrated during Quiz Bowl tournaments with The Regis School of the Sacred Heart Quiz Bowl team.

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Sr. Donna Collins Visits Regis Knights

On Monday, March 25, Regis welcomed Sr. Donna Collins, RSCJ, onto campus for the first time. Sr. Collins serves on the Provincial Team for the Religious of the Sacred Heart, and she is tasked with providing leadership and setting direction for the province. The Provincial Team is led by Sr. Sheila Hammond, RSCJ, and consists of four other religious including Sr. Collins. Each school year, Sr. Collins will visit the Sacred Heart schools in Houston, Missouri, Louisiana, and Nebraska. Sr. Collins mentioned she was delighted to be in the South again after having worked at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, Louisiana for five years.

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4th Grade MakerSpace Takes to the Slopes

While the Rockies are getting tons of snow, Regis 4th grade students are engineering new model 'ski lifts' in MakerSpace. During this school year, 4th grade has experienced both hands-on MakerSpace projects and computer based instruction such as programming. Recently, Regis MakerSpace teacher and Librarian, Mrs. Kaitlin Holy, found a fun project that tied into the current winter season and brought the focus back to hands-on engineering for 4th grade—build a model ski lift out of simple materials.

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8th Grade Helps Combat Hypothermia in Science Class

Polar vortex! Bomb cyclone! Blizzard! All of these terms signify snowy weather and below freezing temps. Our 8th grade students recently conducted an experiment in science class to help combat one of the major issues during winter storms—providing warmth to the homeless. On a shoestring budget of $5.00, students designed devices that utilized a chemical reaction to provide temporary heating for homeless individuals.

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We Are 100 Days Smarter: Celebrating the 100th Day of School

We have completed the 100th Day of School! Pre-K through 2nd grade students celebrated this milestone on January 28, 2019 by dressing up as if they were 100 years old, and 3rd and 4th grade wore t-shirts decorated with 100 things. This celebration did not stop with clothing though. Every classroom in Early Childhood and Lower School participated in various 100th Day activities involving the number 100 too.

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W is for Worm

Regis welcomed some invertebrate visitors to the 3 Pre-K classroom last Thursday: Rocky, Journey, Diego, Garden Dirter, Lamber, Man Worm, Mommy Worm, Worm, and Wormy! These special friends made a guest appearance when 3 Pre-K studied the letter "W" last week.

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Third Grade Discovers New Animals in Science Class

Watch out for the Lio-pol-sha-ondor-rattlesnake or the Atoo-ele-sha-opus-stingray! Regis third grade students discovered new animals last week when they created their "wild self" in science class. The students ventured upstairs to the middle school computer lab for this special project with Mrs. Jonna McGhee, Regis third grade science teacher. "We're learning about inherited traits in science, which is really fun!" said Jack Long, third grade student.

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