Feast of St. John Francis Regis

Each year, The Regis School honors its namesake, Saint John Francis Regis (1597-1640), by celebrating a special Mass in honor of his January 31 birthday. This year's honored presider was his Eminence, Óscar Andrés Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga, S.D.B., Metropolitan Archbishop of Tegucigalpa (Honduras). Mrs. Weldon's third grade class led the liturgy. After Mass, the entire Regis community enjoyed another long-standing Sacred Heart tradition - goûter! Goûter is a small snack or treat students enjoy on holidays and special feast days, such as this one.

The annual celebration of Saint John Francis Regis' birthday continues to remind the Regis community of the significance of Sacred Heart Goal III (A social awareness which impels to action) and of continually serving others. Our namesake was known for his devotion to the poor, especially disenfranchised women and prisoners, and his commitment to social justice. Though he was raised in a wealthy household in France, Regis became a Jesuit priest who abandoned his privileged upbringing to work with people on the margins of society. Regis said, ". . . we are doubly blest if we relieve a poor brother at the expense of our dignity."

The following liturgical aid was distributed at today's Mass. In it, you will find more information about the special and life-changing connection between Regis and our Sacred Heart foundress, Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, as well as a reflection that challenges us all to emulate this humble, selfless saint.