As a member of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, The Regis School of the Sacred Heart commits itself every five years to a self-study process during which we assess and investigate how our community upholds the Goals and Criteria and the mission of Sacred Heart. The self-study process is overseen by the Provincial and the Society's Sacred Heart Commission on Goals (SHCOG). All Network schools are included in this reflection process, designed to ensure that Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat's vision for Sacred Heart education, as articulated in the Goals and Criteria, is being lived out in each school.

The birth of the Goals and Criteria can be traced back to the 1960s and 70s when Vatican II caused many Religious to refocus their work on social justice. At that time, it was determined that diminishing numbers of vocations within the Society would soon leave Sacred Heart schools with an insufficient number of vowed religious educators. The Society of the Sacred Heart sought to maintain the same traditional Sacred Heart values and mission within their schools. As a result, dedicated lay and Religious educators collaborated and, in 1975, the first edition of the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools was made available to Network schools. The Goals and Criteria serve as a guidepost for all present and future lay-leaders who have been entrusted with the mission of keeping Network schools true to Saint Madeleine Sophie's vision.

Regis is currently in the first year of the SHCOG self-study process. In this first phase, the Regis SHCOG steering committee is gathering feedback that will be distilled into a reflection document to be shared with a designated SHCOG visiting committee, a Network-wide group who act on behalf of the Provincial. Before the document is finalized and shared, the entire Regis community will be given the opportunity to review and verify that the information shared within the paper is an accurate depiction of how the Goals are lived out in our school. In the second phase, the visiting committee will read the school's reflection and participate in an on-campus visit in November 2018. While on campus, the visiting committee will meet with all constituencies of the Regis community to learn more about the school's commitment to the Goals and Sacred Heart mission. Following the on-campus visit, Regis will move into the third phase of the SHCOG process – the action plan. During this phase, our community will begin to incorporate our identified opportunities for growth in our Sacred Heart Mission.

Mrs. Angela Scott, Regis faculty and SHCOG steering committee chairperson, recently shared the following report, "The Regis SHCOG steering committee has been working since August 2017 to ensure that all the community voices are heard through this important reflection process. Our intention is to hear from as many individuals as possible and, to that end, we have devised a multi-pronged approach. Students have been actively sharing their reflections and, in January, we held a series of focus groups with parents, faculty, our Board, alumni parents, and alumni. We have also disseminated an online survey to all adults in the community to allow those who were unable to join us in a focus group to actively participate. In the coming weeks, our steering committee has the privilege and responsibility to examine all the data that has been collected and identify themes that emerge across constituencies. These themes will be recorded in our reflection document as a way to share what we have heard and learned about how our community perceives that Regis, at this moment in time, is living the Goals of Sacred Heart education."

The SHCOG process offers a unique opportunity for Sacred Heart schools to step back and take a collective look at how well the community is doing following the mission of Sacred Heart and truly living the Sacred Heart Goals. To learn more about the Society's mission and the Goals of a Sacred Heart education, please visit the Society of the Sacred Heart's website at rscj.org.