Sr. Donna Collins Visits Regis Knights

On Monday, March 25, Regis welcomed Sr. Donna Collins, RSCJ, onto campus for the first time. Sr. Collins serves on the Provincial Team for the Religious of the Sacred Heart, and she is tasked with providing leadership and setting direction for the province. The Provincial Team is led by Sr. Sheila Hammond, RSCJ, and consists of four other religious including Sr. Collins. Each school year, Sr. Collins will visit the Sacred Heart schools in Houston, Missouri, Louisiana, and Nebraska. Sr. Collins mentioned she was delighted to be in the South again after having worked at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, Louisiana for five years.

Our Regis Knights greeted Sr. Collins during morning prayer assembly. A native of Australia, Sr. Collins stumped some of the students as they tried to place her accent. Originally from Brisbane, Sr. Collins has worked all over the United States and the world, including Rome, New Zealand, and Uganda. Her accent has become an amalgamation of everywhere she has lived. Sr. Collins told the students about her current work as a Provincial Team Member, and discussed her time as Head of School at Josephinum Academy in Chicago and Principal of Villa Duchesne in St. Louis. She tasked the boys with thinking of questions about Australia that they could ask her when they saw her around campus.

After assembly, Sr. Collins visited all of the divisions at Regis. Her passion for Sacred Heart education shone through in her interactions with the students. In lower school, she received her first Australia question from third grade student Calvin M., "What is the population of sharks in Australia?" Sr. Collins explained the complex shark tracking system that is in place in Australia to keep swimmers and surfers safe on the coastline. She also told the students about all of the different deadly creatures on the Australian continent. Needless to say, she had the boys undivided attention.

In Kindergarten, she visited the students in Mrs. Kilbride's class while they practiced telling time on analog clocks. Sr. Collins let them double check their work on setting the clock to the current time by looking at her wristwatch. On the topic of time, she told them that a flight to Australia takes 17-hours, and the students discussed how you can't drive there because it is across the ocean, and how it takes just as long to drive to Colorado.

In Middle School, Sr. Collins visited Mr. Cummings 8thgrade social studies class and Ms. Phillips' 6thgrade science class. In science, 6thgrade conducted an experiment on sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock. As a former science teacher, Sr. Collins jumped right into the discussion, pointing out to the boys why different sizes of crystals occur in the various igneous rock samples at their lab tables.

Sr. Collins finished her classroom visits in MakerSpace with 3 Pre-K. Mrs. Holy led the students through an activity about the metamorphosis caterpillars undergo to become butterflies. Sr. Collins jumped right in to help 3 Pre-K student, August H., wrap his fellow classmate, Grayson L., in toilet paper to symbolize the chrysalis butterflies emerge from. She then jumped in again to help Henning S. wrap up Ms. Paredes! The boys enjoyed having Sr. Collins helping hands during their project.

We look forward to Sr. Collins visiting us again next school year!