8th Grade Begins High School Visits

The Class of 2020 has begun their search for the high school of their choice! Last week, our 8th grade class visited St. Pius X High School. Ms. Francy Mitchell, Regis 8th grade advisor, shared her observations and highlights from the tour to give the Regis community insight into our 8th grade students' high school admissions process. 

St. Pius Collage 2

We were welcomed in the auditorium by Madison Morales, Assistant Head of Admissions, who gave our 8th grade boys a joyous welcome. Coach Evans, St. Pius’s Baseball Coach, spoke next and explained how they welcome all athletes as well as dual athletes. They had an incredible weight room that was donated by the Houston Texans that the boys just loved. Finally, Mrs. Carmen Armistead, Head of School, gave a rousing talk saying, “We have something for each and every one of you at St. Pius…students here are bright, compassionate, good athletes, phenomenal musicians and actors.”

There are approximately 560 students at St. Pius and about 150 incoming freshmen. Every day starts and ends with prayer. Each year there is a class retreat, a theology class, Advisory (consisting of 8 people), and freshmen take a “Veritas Prep Class” which is study skills.

Some fun facts about St. Pius: there is a prayer garden, theology classes are taken each year, and they offer some unique science classes. Engineering Instructor Mr. Warren Cherry offers two engineering classes that can be taken for UT credit. The classes are housed in the three year-old science building that is a modern, open-spaced building. There is also a Forensic Science class offered where students try to use forensic skills to solve crimes. Dual credit classes are offered through HCC.

Finally, one of my advisees, Matthew Alff, got to visit with his friend, Jackson, who goes to St. Pius.

Our boys left with St. Pius goodies and endearing farewells.

Students visiting St. Pius High School 2019

This fall, our 8th grade students will also visit Strake Jesuit and St. Thomas High School. In early September, administrators and Regis alumni from St. Thomas visited our 8th grade students on Regis' campus to have lunch and talk about the all-important high school decision. Stay tuned to Regis social media to follow along as our 8th grade students narrow down their high school search.

Four Regis Alumni who currently attend St. Thomas High School standing in Regis classroom