Spirit Wear for All!
Spirit Wear Chairs Maggie S., Stormy M. and Josephine F. selling Spirit Wear at Back to School Night

You’ve seen the shirts, the shorts, the hoodies, the socks—now it’s time to meet the volunteers behind Regis’ Spirit Wear store! Over the past five years, our Spirit Wear store has expanded to incorporate many fun items for our students to wear on Spirit Days, and none of this would have been possible without the efforts of our tireless Spirit Wear Chairs. Stormy Mandella, Josephine Firat and Maggie Stroud are leading the Spirit Wear charge this school year. As a committee of the Parents’ Association, proceeds from Spirit Wear sales come back to the school to benefit the students. When asked what their motivation is every school year, Stormy and Josephine both responded that they always strive to beat the previous year’s sales record because that means more money is coming back to the school.

Four Regis Students at Camp Allen

Stormy Mandella
Spirit Wear Chair, 2015 to present
Son: Braxton, 5th Grade
What’s your favorite Spirit Wear item? 
I like all of it! I really like the graffiti shirt this school year.

Josephine Firat
Spirit Wear Chair, 2016 to present
Son: Joseph, 2nd Grade
What’s your favorite Spirit Wear item?
I like the fun shirts. We spend a lot of time over the summer going back and forth over what it looks like, and we try to figure out if the kids will like it. We put so much into those designs—those are my favorites.

Maggie Stroud
Spirit Wear Chair, 2019 
Sons: Christopher, Kindergarten and Oliver, 3 Pre-K
What’s your favorite Spirit Wear item?
I definitely look forward to the new shirt every year but also the new items…the socks are pretty neat and the vest—I love the vest! 

All three 2019 spirit wear chairs posing with Regis Spirit Wear

Josephine Firat (left), Stormy Mandella (center) and Maggie Stroud (right)

If you haven't had the opportunity to shop this year's Spirit Wear store, you can browse all of the items online. Be sure to get your Spirit Wear for our first Spirit Day of the year on Friday, August 30. Students may wear Regis Spirit Wear with jeans or uniform bottoms and shoes.