We Are 100 Days Smarter: Celebrating the 100th Day of School

We have completed the 100th Day of School! Pre-K through 2nd grade students celebrated this milestone on January 28, 2019 by dressing up as if they were 100 years old, and 3rd and 4th grade wore t-shirts decorated with 100 things. This celebration did not stop with clothing though. Every classroom in Early Childhood and Lower School participated in various 100th Day activities involving the number 100 too.

"In the last 10 years, [100th Day] has become a really big idea in schools," said Laura Lopez, Regis Math Curriculum Specialist. "There are about 50 pieces of literature on it. Clearly, most of the books are centered around Pre-K, Kinder and 1st grade, but it translates through all the grades." The National Education Association (NEA) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics now officially recognize the 100th Day of School.

Lopez worked with Regis' Early Childhood and Lower School instructors to plan cross-curricular activities for this day. For example, in one language arts class, students learned 100 adjectives. Students also worked on activities addressing both Common Core and TEKS standards such as: knowing and counting sequence, foundational work for multiplication and division, and analyzing and generating patterns. Recognizing the 100th Day also ties into Regis' new Number Corner curriculum where students in 4 Pre-K through 4th grade are continually expanding their knowledge of different math concepts.

In Ms. Amy Schendel's class, 2nd grade student Logan Clevenger helped Ms. Schendel select which 100th Day activities he and his classmates would complete. Math is one of Logan's favorite subjects, so he chose the activities he thought his class would enjoy the most. Logan described his favorite activity, "You're supposed to roll a die 100 times, and you're supposed to tally how many times you get each number. I predicted I would roll five the most, but I rolled two the most."

In a different activity, "we had to find all these numbers [after solving equations], color them in [on a worksheet], and then it would make a hidden picture," said Townes Kyle-Robbins, 2nd grade student. "This one was 100!"

The 100th Day of School was also a good time for students to check in on the goals they set for themselves at the beginning for the year. "This is a great time to talk about what we have accomplished so far," said Laura Lopez. In August, many students set goals like learning how to multiply or divide. Lopez visited each classroom today to talk to students about those goals and to assist with the activities.

"100th Day is also a chance to celebrate math," Lopez continued. "We have many opportunities to celebrate literacy, but besides Pi Day (March 14) and 100th Day, there aren't that many days that celebrate math." Lopez mentioned Middle School students were jealous they didn't get to dress up for 100th Day today, so she is planning on creating activities specifically for them too next school year!

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