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Regis Open House

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Welcome to Open House!

Thank you for joining us this evening. We invite you to explore our campus to learn more about The Regis Experience. Teachers in Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School are located on both floors of the Kelley Building, so please explore! They are prepared to answer your questions and discuss Regis' unique approach to all-boys education. You can download maps for the Kelley Building First Floor and Second Floor below.

First Floor

First Floor Map
  • Sign-In Table

  • Refreshments

  • 3 Pre-K
  • 4 Pre-K
  • Library
  • MakerSpace
  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
  • Fourth Grade
  • Sacred Heart Education
  • Art & Music (All School)
  • Religion (All School)
  • Foreign Language (All School)

Second Floor

Second Floor Map
  • Middle School Social Studies

  • Middle School Science

  • Middle School Technology

  • Middle School English Language Arts

From the Kelley Building Second Floor, you can explore the second floor of the Miller Family Student Life Center.

Here you will find the following:

  • Middle School Math
  • Lower School Athletics
  • Middle School Athletics

Schools that make the intentional choice to focus on the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional lives of boys and young men share an appreciation for the intensity and complexity of boyhood.

-The International Boys' Schools Coalition

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Ready to take the next step?

Thank you for visiting Regis for Open House! If you're ready to take the next step, we're here to help you.

The Regis Experience