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2021-22 Ongoing COVID-19 Response Plan


Regis is planning for On-Campus Learning for the 2021-22 school year. In the event of a mass outbreak of COVID-19 on campus, the school will be prepared to implement either a Hybrid Learning or Remote Learning model as needed. The school will adapt each model to make specific adjustments based on the individual needs of each division-level. In all of these plans, the school's main focus is to deliver The Regis Experience and the same high-caliber education Regis families are accustomed to during a normal school year:

  • On-Campus Learning: School is conducted with all students on campus while regarding social distancing guidelines in place at the time.
  • Hybrid Learning: School is conducted with both on-campus and off-campus instruction to limit the number of students in the classroom if social distancing or stay-at-home orders are reintroduced.
  • Remote Learning: School is conducted remotely with students, faculty and staff in their individual homes. 

Please follow the links below to read through each plan.


If you have specific questions that were not answered on this site, please email Your question will then be directed to a specific task force member overseeing the designated area related to our response, and s/he will be in touch.

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Quick Links

COVID-19 Task Force

Kiran Ali, Director of Admissions
Mary Christopherson, School Nurse 
Adam Farnie, Head of Middle School
Betsy Hurst, Head of Early Childhood
Dr. S. Wesley Long, Houston Methodist/Regis Parent
Laura Lopez, Head of Early Childhood and Lower School
Mac McStravick, Dean of Students
Lori Paredes, Director of Communications 
Dennis P. Phillips, Head of School
Scott Young, Director of Facilities