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Discipline & School Policies

Early Childhood Academics


The Goals & Criteria remind us that every student is a child of God and, therefore, possesses created worth, dignity and a vocation. All discipline at Regis is grounded in the dignity of each child and a fundamental understanding that discipline is not primarily punitive in nature, but educational. Students are taught that a consequence follows every choice we make, and when we choose an action, we must then take responsibility for the consequence. Choices that have negative consequences are opportunities to learn and grow. Disciplinary actions are always an attempt to facilitate such learning. The Regis School of the Sacred Heart is founded on the principles of the Sacred Heart goals. The School is committed to educate to: 

  • a personal and active faith in God
  • a deep respect for intellectual values 
  • a social awareness which impels to action
  • the building of community as a Christian value; and 
  • personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

The following policies and procedures related to expected student behaviors seek to shape gentlemen: 

  • in a faith-filled environment for spiritual growth (Goal I)
  • in an atmosphere where boys are inspired to create, innovate, lead, and serve (Goal II)
  • in the development of compassion and respect who respond to the needs of others (Goal III)
  • in the formation of a brotherhood (Goal IV)
  • in an environment that equips boys for success (Goal V)

Goal V of the Sacred Heart Goals & Criteria is the desire “to promote personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.” This growth comes from self-discipline within each boy. To that end, Regis’ goal for discipline is the fostering of responsibility and independence in every Regis boy.

The expectations and discipline policy outlined in this document are enforceable at school, or anytime that the student is representing the school (sporting events, field trips, social awareness events, etc.). While it is not possible to list every situation for which a disciplinary response is appropriate, in general, faculty and administration will address conduct unbecoming of a Sacred Heart student, and apply consequences consistent with the Goals & Criteria, which guide all members of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools

Discipline Philosophy by Division

Expectation & Policies


Honor Code & Pledge of Conduct

Please fill out the Honor Code & Pledge of Conduct form below.


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As a Student of The Regis School of the Sacred Heart, I commit myself: 

  • to a personal and active faith in God
  • to the respect of intellectual values 
  • to a social awareness that compels me to action 
  • to the building of community as a Christian value
  • to my personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom. 

I pledge to act in a manner that represents Regis and the Sacred Heart goals in an Honorable and Compassionate way.

I promise to exhibit the traits of a Scholar and Gentleman:

  • to be Truthful
  • to Practice Academic Honesty
  • to be a Role Model of Sportsmanship both on and off the field
  • to be Respectful of People’s Property
  • to Treat others as I want to be treated
  • I ask the Regis Community and my Parents to hold me accountable for my actions and attitudes.

Honor Code to be written on work submitted to Teacher:
“On my Honor, I have neither given nor received any information on this test/quiz.”

As a Student of The Regis School of the Sacred Heart, I agree to the terms of this Honor Code and Pledge of Conduct.