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Three early childhood students hugging at Regis School of the Sacred Heart


Tuition & Fees 2023-24 School Year

In order to hold your son’s place at Regis for the next school year, you must complete the following items:

  • complete the re-enrollment process in mid-February by submitting a contract for the following year
  • submit deposit (non-refundable) applied toward tuition

Tuition rates are available from the Business Office. There are three payment plans: 

  • 1 payment due July 1 
  • 2 payments due July 1 and January 1
  • or 9 payments due July 1 through March 1

All tuition payments are considered delinquent after thirty days from the due date. A fee of 16% per annum will be charged for delinquent tuition. A $25 fee will be charged for checks returned due to insufficient funds.
Report cards will only be available at the end of each semester and year when all fees and tuition are current. The final report card and transcript (when applicable) will only be issued when all library fees and fines, extended day care costs, and other financial responsibilities are settled and current. Personal checks will not be accepted after May 20. Payment must then be made with cash or a cashier’s check. 
Any student accounts with an outstanding balance prior to the re-enrollment and registration process will have their registration cancelled for the following school year. Eligibility for re-enrollment will only be considered once outstanding tuition balances are paid in full.
Financial Assistance: At re-enrollment time, families may request information regarding application for financial assistance from the school’s business office.  Currently enrolled families must complete the process no later than February 28.

Re-enrollment Requirements

Each student’s admission constitutes a year-to-year contract and re-enrollment is dependent upon successful completion of academic courses, appropriate behavior on the part of the student and payment of all family financial obligations

Regis is appropriate for students of average to above average ability, and enrolled students are expected to perform within the average to above average range in the classroom.
Students are expected to exhibit the following characteristics:

  • observe school and classroom rules 
  • control talking and disruptive behavior 
  • show concern for others 
  • respect others and their property and
  • be kind and courteous to others
  • Satisfactory work habits are required. The student shall:
  • listen attentively
  • follow directions correctly
  • work well independently
  • cooperate in group activities
  • complete homework and submit it on time
  • come to class prepared and achieve passing grades
Re-enrollment Process

Current families will have the opportunity to re-enroll their son(s) for the next school year in late January/early February. Re-enrollment contracts will be available in Veracross and are considered complete with a paid deposit within two weeks of re-enrollment opening. A deposit of $1200 (or $500 for families applying for financial assistance) is required to reserve a class space. A space cannot be reserved without full payment of the re-enrollment fee. Re-enrollment contracts will not be offered to those with outstanding tuition balances until the account is current and then, only if space is still available. Contracts will not be offered to those who are not in good academic or disciplinary standing. 

Withdrawing a Student

If families are considering not re-enrolling at Regis for the following year or leaving Regis before the year is over, please follow these guidelines:

  • As appropriate, please meet first with classroom teachers to discuss your thinking as well as your child’s current situation in school.
  • Meet with your son’s Division Head who will be in a position to offer counsel to you regarding your son’s education.
  • If you apply to another independent school to which records and teacher recommendation forms are required, please alert the Division Head and the Director of Admission & Enrollment Management prior to submitting a request to your son’s teacher. Teacher recommendation forms and transcript requests must be submitted at least one month prior to due date. These materials will only be released if you are in good financial standing.

In the event that Regis recommends a change in school for your son and initiates this process, teachers and administrators will discuss this directly with parents and assist in the transition.