Spirit Wear Volunteers in Gym


The Regis School Parents’ Association (PA) plays an integral role in supporting Sacred Heart Goal IV (the building of community as a Christian value). The PA sponsors special events, provides cultural enrichment for the students, and supports outreach programs. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend the monthly PA meetings throughout the school year.

At Regis, we accept and welcome parents’ participation gratefully. The generous involvement of parents speaks powerfully to their sons about a commitment to service that extends throughout life. Regardless of where your talents or interests lie, there is an opportunity to become involved. Your tireless efforts contribute to the well being of our school and help us grow in countless ways. We all work together because the success of our school is everyone’s goal. Review our Guide to Getting Involved & Giving below to see our current opportunities to volunteer and give to Regis. More information about the PA can be found under the login, on the "Parents' Association" tab.

Regis Guide to Getting Involved & Giving